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RoboClash: Food Rush will be played on a massive 24 ft by 8 ft wooden playfield, surrounded by shatter resistant polycarbonate barriers and reinforced with aluminum extrusion structure. Two teams, red and blue, will compete head-to-head in scoring as much as they can in a time-limited round.

Starting off in an 8 ft by 8 ft common space, the “kitchen” will be where both robots scurry to gather “ingredients” (coloured balls), place them on the “stovetop” (combination detector), and receive “processed foods” (dispensed coloured cubes from a dispenser). The robots will carry the “foods” across the obstacle course and deliver them to their respective “drop-off points”.

Cooking Zone

The Cooking Zone, also known as the Starting Zone, is demarcated by the red and blue tiles for each team. Different coloured Cubes will be dispensed from the Dispenser according to the combination of the Coloured Balls placed on the Stovetop. After the Cube has been dispensed, the Coloured Balls will be cleared from the Stovetop and removed permanently from the Match.

Elevated Platform

In the middle of the kitchen is a 600mm x 600mm elevated platform, in which teams can choose to obtain ingredients from.


The Roadblock contains 72mm high curbs, with each curb having dimensions of 80mm x 700mm.

Over the Dunes

Over the Dunes are dunes with 30º angled slopes back-to-back with a 150mm gap between them.

Drop-off Zone

The Drop-off Zone is a 600mm x 600mm x 3mm tile demarcated by the Alliance colour at the end of each Alliance Lane where Scoring Objects are to be placed fully within to be considered as scored for the Alliance.