8 - 11 Jan 2024

SUTD Campus Centre

robotics competition coming your way.



Join us for an exciting robotics build-off! Open to participants of all skills, test your wits in this head-to-head robotics competition. For the uninitiated to the experienced, seize this opportunity to build a robot and see it compete in ROBOCLASH!

Eligibility & Teams

  • This competition is only open for SUTD students.
  • Registration fees: $80 per team of 4 with starter kit, $20 without starter kit.
  • Teams will be issued a highly attractive starter pack which can be used for future projects.
  • Form teams of 4 and register now!



RoboClash 2024 aims to challenge teams to design and fabricate robots capable of clearing large amounts of debris resulting from natural disasters.

RoboClash: Space Race will be played on a massive playfield where two alliances will compete head-to-head in scoring as many points as they can in a time-limited round.


Prizes may be subjected to change

Main Awards

1st Place (Seeded Team)

4x Elegoo Neptune 4 3D Printer

1st Place (Support Team)

4x PC Monitor

2nd Place (Seeded Team)

4x Nintendo Switch OLED

2nd Place (Support Team)

4x Gaming Keyboard

3rd Place (Seeded Team)

4x Wireless Headphones

3rd Place (Support Team)

4x $100 Voucher

Side Awards

Autonomous Skills Award (1st)

4x Gaming Mouse

Autonomous Skills Award (2nd)

4x $100 Voucher

Autonomous Skills Award (3rd)

4x $50 Voucher

LionsBot Excellence Award

4x $100 Voucher

EPD Design Award

4x $100 Voucher

ISTD Programming Award

4x $100 Voucher

SOAR Spirit Award

4x $50 Voucher

Innovate Award

1x Bambu Lab P1S


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ROBOCLASH 2023 Highlights!