10-12 Jan

SUTD Campus Center

robotics competition coming your way.



Join us for an exciting robotics build-off! Open to participants of all skills, test your wits in this head-to-head robotics competition. For the uninitiated to the experienced, seize this opportunity to build a robot and see it compete in ROBOCLASH!

Eligibility & Teams

  • This competition is only open for SUTD students.
  • Registration fees: $60 per team of 4, payable via PayNow.
  • Teams will be issued a highly attractive starter pack which can be used for future projects.
  • Form teams of 4 and register now!



RoboClash 2023 aims to challenge teams to design and fabricate robots capable of clearing real-world inspired obstacles on their quest to sort trash and recyclables.

RoboClash: Trash Dash will be played on a massive playfield where two teams will compete head-to-head in scoring as many points as they can in a time-limited round.


1st (Seeded Team)

4x OLED Nintendo Switch

1st (Support Team)

4x $200 Cash*

2nd (Seeded Team)

4x Ender 3V2

2nd (Support Team)

4x $150 Cash*

3rd (Seeded Team)

4x Ender 3

3rd (Support Team)

4x $100 Cash*

All side awards

(EPD Design Award, Lionsbot Excellence Award,
ISTD Programming Award, SOAR Spirit Award)

4 x $50 vouchers per award


ROBOCLASH 2019 Highlights!